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Pushing the limit!

Originally published on May 30, 2014


Induction Climb @Mt. Natib - Traverse (1,287+)

8 newly inducted members and the 5 officers - Summit

Location: Morong, Bataan, Philippines
Jump-off point: Hanging Bridge
Trail class: 1-3
Features: Rainforest, river, falls, & panoramic views
Specs: Major Climb - Minor Mountain
Difficulty: 6/9

Doing the traverse of Mt. Natib from Morong to Orani will surely test your limit. The blogger along with 12 other companions with full heavy load packs takes the challenge of going to the summit in the first day. But due to delays and some other factors they didn't manage to get there. Instead, they decided to camp at the "Kapehan" (Coffee stop) as the guides called it. It is a large "Kubo" - a resting place for the local hunters and farmers of pineapples who wants to take a rest after their hard work in the mountain. During the trek the team met a couple of locals along the "Kapehan" hunting for bats, saying it's for their "pulutan" or snacks for their drinking session.

Before the "Kapehan" you'll come across a land in which pineapples are planted. The blogger imagines how can these men go up a 5-6 hours of trekking along with they're supplies for every week and take care of their crops and the long way down of getting their crops after the harvest. Surely, it is not for the fainthearted.

Mt. Natib will surprise you, for some of its area will remind you of other mountains that you have climbed before because of their similarities like the river crossing of Mt. Romelo, the ridge of Mt. Arayat, the Alibang-bang Park of Mt. Palay-palay and many others. Climbing this mountain surely did push the physical and mental strength of the inductees. The trail was gradual and easy enough for beginners but hiking through open areas under the scorching heat of the sun and sometimes steep assault with a full pack will take away your breathe and ask why you are tormenting yourself. But it is all worth it, this mountain will never disappoint you with its generous panoramic view of Bataan peninsula, rich biodiversity of faunas and floras and the challenge of conquering yourself. Also, it offers a vast open area of beautiful cogon grass, generous fruits of Mango trees, panoramic view, rivers, and hot springs.


24:00 Assembly at Robinson's Pioneer, Mandaluyong City
01:00 ETD to Cubao
03:00 Cubao – Olongapo City
06:00 ETA at Olongapo City take jeep to SBMA 2nd Gate Entrance
07:00 ETA SBMA 2nd Gate Entrance, take mini bus bound to Balanga. Get off at Sabang (Hilltop), Morong
09:00 ETA Sabang (Petron), take trike going to Hanging Bridge
18:00 ETA Bahay Kubo (Kapehan), Set-up camp! Prepare Dinner
23:00 LIGHTS OFF!!

05:00 Wake-up call! Prepare breakfast
07:00 Breakfast!!! After Break camp
10:00 ETA Summit!
13:00 Head to bunker
15:00 ETA Bunker
16:00 ETA Brgy. Tala, tidy up!
19:00 ETD to Cubao
21:30 MANILA!

Cogongrass field

Just 10 minutes away from Kanawan is this amazing field of cogongrass which is like the setting of most korean novelas. Despite the scorching heat of the sun, it is still mesmerizing view of the mountain and the vast field of this beautiful grass.

Mode of transportation
Unit price
Boni – Cubao
(Victory Liner)
Cubao – Olongapo City
Olonggapo –
SBMA 2nd Gate
Mini Bus
SBMA 2nd Gate – Sabang
Sabang – Hanging Bridge
Guide fee - 2 days, 2 guides
Brgy. donation
Registration fee
Brgy. Tala – Highway
Bus (Genesis)
Orani – Manila
Food contribution
823php /head

"Selfie - Summit of Mt. Natib"

Agawan ng nag-iisang camera na dala, for profile picture of course.

Travel advisory:

The blogger and his team had taken the risk of going to Olongapo City to Sabang, Morong with no immediate contact person and it is the first time for everyone to this mountain. There is another way which is from Pasay - board Bataan or Genesis transit going to Balanga then get off at the terminal of Balanga then take a bus going to morong and get off at Sabang (Hilltop), Morong which is far more easier and practical in time.

After getting off at Sabang the team met Sir MAX GARCHITORENA (0929-2446635) who is a tourist official at the area and also have a page at facebook "Come visit wonders of Morong, Bataan". Sir Max advised us to take a courtesy call at the nearby barangay hall. Which is a nice thing aside from the log book of the Chieftain of Magbukon in Kanawan you'll be more safely secured if your group was registered there, not to worry because they won't charge you anything.

At Sitio Kanawan you'll meet the Chieftain which will require you to have a guide with you for your security and safety. Guide rate is only 350php/guide if going for just a dayhike along Morong and 500php/guide if doing a two day climb also you'll be in charge for the meals of the guide.


Standard of difficulty, trail class, elevation, & specs was based on

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RTUM's 2014 Photo Exhibit


Ma'am/Sir... Sir/Ma'am JOIN RTU MOUNTAINEERS POWSZ!!! Pag-ibig po ba hanap niyo, meron po dito." Work does go easy and fun when TEAMWORK and a little bit of craziness were put together.

Another successful Photo Exhibit and recruitment of RTUM, done on the 1st week of July for 4 days. This is with the initiative, perseverance, and hard work of the newly elected Executive Board of the organization. Long and strenuous process indeed, making this year's admission of new applicants possible for both campuses, from the Election of new Officers and meticulously amending the Constitution and bylaws of the club for opening the doors of RTUM to the latter campus of RTU, the Pasig Campus. Aiming initially to make more responsible and environmentally aware student leaders as more and more youths are getting involved in taking care and preserving our Mother Nature. RTUM is committed in educating the youth to contribute dynamically in preserving the natural heritage that will make a new generation of competent outdoor leaders.

Catching 500 registrants from Boni Campus, it is quite an overwhelming number of people interested in joining the club. Everyone is thrilled to seek for an adventure, excited to what opportunities lies in their entrance to a new chapter of their college life, and to what they will achieve in joining. It is a rewarding feeling when you have achieve your goal despite of having no pay or so whatever tangible benefits in return.

At the Lobby of Old Building, RTU - Boni Campus. Sharing of joyful memories and laughs with the interested applicants. Meeting a lot of people sure is difficult, yet it's what makes this fun and being aware to other norms.

Meet the Legendary Hawser Rope of RTUM, withstanding the age of time. For nearly 12 years since the organization was establish this rope has gone through numerous expeditions and activities and now since its retirement from service this priceless piece of history is now contained and preserve as one of the artifact of RTU mountaineering's history.

The first day of exhibit. FUN! ENERGIZED! TIRESOME!

Waiting for the next wave of students at the booth.

Picture! Picture!

Introducing some of the officers, from left to right is Ma'am Carla May Claor (V.P. for Finance), Sir Emmanuel Pigtain (Executive Secretary), and Sir Kevin Tabuquilde (Committe on Training).

Thank you for the support Sir Daniel Sta. Ana (Alumni Member), Engr. Armando P. Matias (Adviser), and Sir Jayson M. Noveda (SSC President).

See you guys on Pasig Campus this 3rd week of July!

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Climb High! RTUM Milestones

RTU Mountaineer's History

  • Inspired by AMASUM (AMSOC) Gean Carlo Gasim and the 3rd group of mountaineering in RTU.
  • Founded on December 15, 2002 by the support of the PUP Mountaineers for lending their constitution and by laws to be the fundamental principles as well as their Basic Mountaineering Course.
  • Ranger Marquez from Sandugo formerly known as Engkanto also showed support by lending his equipment.

  • August 13, 2003 - Revised the adapted constitution of PUP Mountaineers with 16 members.

  • Reached the summit of Mt. Apo, led by Menandro "Andy" Sausa and Dennis Cabrillas. A few months later, another expedition was led by Carlos " Caloy" Garcia Jr. together with other RTUM Alumni, Ysrael "Ysra" Satorre, Jay-r Sanvictores, Daniel Sta. Ana, Gean Carlos of AMSOC, and Ryan Paisan.

  • By the start of the Academic school year of 2013, the amendment of the constitution and the Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) was initiated by Miguel "Migs" Roque and Felino "Jhun" Calderon III to cope up with the modern practices of mountaineering.
  • First organization to cross over the latter campus of the University to open its doors for the interested students and employees from RTU Pasig.

  • Peter De Guzman III an alumnus member of the organization reached the base camp of Mt. Everest.